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Echo Leaf Blower – Lots of choices for your leaf and grass blowing needs

echo leaf blowerEcho leaf blower is a brand of equipment or tools used primarily for gardening and in property landscape projects. This is developed and improved to offer customers hand-held tools for multi-position tasks and variable outdoor plans. This tool is utilized for blowing dried or freshly cut leaves that are too hard to sweep or located in scratch sensitive areas.

Here is the list of Echo leaf blowers with their suggested price. However, customers must always remember that in every consumer product available in the market, costs vary on location and store. Some prices given above are variable and based on recommended prices.

Echo Leaf Blower Models and Prices

  • Echo PB 770H model with 63.3cc – This backpack leaf blower has a price of about $300
  • Echo PB 755T model – A type of leaf blower with a $355 price
  • Echo PB 620ST professional model – This is another backpack leaf blower that costs $385
  • Echo PB 620ST model – This is a gas powered backpack leaf blower offered for $127.50
  • Echo PB 620 model – Another backpack leaf blower that can be bought for $200
  • Echo PB 500T professional model – This is another backpack leaf blower with 162 mph that costs for about $300
  • Echo PB 500T (NIB) model – This is a gas powered backpack leaf blower payable for $255
  • Echo PB 500T model – An Echo gas powered backpack leaf blower offered for about $200
  • Echo PB 500T model – A simple backpack leaf blower that costs $100
  • Echo PB 411 model – Another gas powered leaf blower with $195 price tag
  • Echo PB 403T model – This is Echo’s gas leaf blower with $279 price
  • Echo PB 251 model – Another leaf blower from Echo that costs $71
  • Echo PB 200 model – This is a handheld leaf blower that costs about $90 or more
  • Echo PB 2255 model – This has 21.2cc and powered by two cycled engines that weighs about four kilograms. This has air volume of maximum 10m³ per minute and air velocity of maximum 135mph.


echo leaf blower man 3The leaf blower created by Echo is designed with lightweight materials equipped with various controls for user preference. Some of these controls are variable throttles that allow a user to customize the level of velocity and volume without applying pressure to the tool’s triggers or gears. Other than that, each Echo leaf blower ensures a user that he or she will not make any neighbor complain because of noise. This tool creates only 69 decibels at a range of 50 feet especially if it is an oil-powered blower.


An Echo leaf blower is not just a machine. It can also be equipped with various accessories for equipment maintenance and performance improvement. Some of those additional parts that can be purchased in stores are: leaf blower shreds, leaf blower chainsaw fuel line kit, and tube pipes for models ES 2100, PB 200, and PB 1000.

Echo leaf blower manSome Echo leaf blower extras or attachments are PB 400 clamp parts, string trimmers, gas fuel line grommet, PB 251 starter cup and tube clamp, PB 2100 engine cover, fan wheels, and throttle control and rod. There are also recoil starter, ignition switch and coils, yard shield insect control kit, starter mount, PB 400 muffler bracket, air cleaner case assembly, and leaf blower carbon air filter. PB 2100 tube and nozzle and PB 251 leaf blower handles and trigger are also available for customers.

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