PostHeaderIcon A Review Of The Echo SRM-225 Weedeater

A Review Of The Echo SRM-225 Weedeater

A Review Of The Echo SRM-225 WeedeaterWhat advantages do weedeaters or trimmers have over ordinary lawnmowers? They are light and portable, they’re easy to maintain, and they can work their way hassle-free through curbs, edges, and paths. That’s why they’re preferred by homeowners with a stony garden or a small lawn.

One of the best weedeaters out there is the Echo SRM-225 gas-powered trimmer. Currently priced at less than $220, this product is one of the most talked-about creations in Echo’s SRM product line. From the words of Echo, the SRM-225 weedeater is “fuel efficient.”

Before the pros and cons, here are the product’s features and specifications.

- 21.2 cc Power Boost Vortex engine

- i-30 starting system

- 14.9 fluid ounce capacity

- see-through, clear fuel tank

- rubber grip

- 59 inches shaft, straight and equipped with flex cable drive

- Speed-Feed trimmer head

- debris shield

From the features alone, you can tell why many homeowners and lawn-care specialists have an Echo SRM-225. The obvious strength of this product is its engine. It is 2-stroke, so it makes use of little fuel yet it is highly efficient and has more cutting power than most weed whackers. Therefore, you can finish your lawn-care task quicker than when you use any other device.

A Review Of The Echo SRM-225 Weedeater Fuel TankWith an i-30 technology, this product reduces the starting effort by 30%. You don’t have to pull the starter with much effort, so anyone can use the SRM-225.

With excellent cutting power, this product doesn’t need that much fuel. So if you notice, a 14.9 fl. oz. capacity tank does not add too much to the SRM-225′s weight. It is, therefore, light to carry. Also, the gas tank is deliberately clear so it is easier to monitor any contaminants that might have gotten inside the flask and affect performance.

But just like any mechanical device, the Echo SRM-225 has limitations that for some can be a disadvantage.

For example, since it has a 2-stroke engine, the main concern about this product is pollution. Since you need two-stroke oil for lubrication, which can add to the cost, pollution is produced as a result of this mixture. Also, as compared with 4-stroke engine machines, 2-strokes don’t last very long.

A Review Of The Echo SRM-225 Weedeater Debris ShieldAlso, while the machine’s debris shield can no doubt protect you from debris, it’s still not large enough to keep you 100% protected. That said, you still need to wear additional protective garments (apron, boots, pants) and glasses to make sure that you are safe at all times.

As for the types of weeds that the SRM 225 can cut, some bigger weeds can get stuck, but the machine has so much power to stop working.

Last, this machine is good only for cutting weeds and trimming your lawn. It doesn’t have the capacity to trim bushes or cut branches.

When buying an SRM 225, it’s important to take your time to canvass for the lowest price. Even online stores offer conflicting rates, so don’t settle for only one store. And if you prefer a dealer associated with Echo, head over to their website and use their “Store Locator” feature to find one near you.